We fish where the fish are to maximize the fishing potential for our customers.

Below are the locations and seasons for our highest producing fishing charters.

Detroit River

Best Times: March - May.

Starting in mid to late March the Walleye begin there spawning run into the Detroit river.  The size and numbers of the walleye in the river from March thru May is truly amazing.  This fishery is known nation wide  as one of the best places to catch trophy sized walleye during this time of year.   Unlike inland rivers the Detroit River is open to fishing during the spring walleye spawning run making it a truly remarkable fishing experience.  

Saginaw Bay

Best Times: May - June.

In Late May and  June the walleye are returning from their spawning run and can be caught in great numbers by slow trolling using planer boards and a variety of lures and live bait.   

Lake Michigan

Best Times: August - September.

Although all summer  is a great time to fish on lake Michigan the Salmon fishing starts to improve as the 4 year old Salmon move closer to the river mouths as they prepare for their fall run into the river.   The target species for this time of year include Steelhead, Lake Trout, Coho and Chinook salmon.  

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